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Introduction From the very beginning, it should be noted that for this kind of site (business card site), it is better to choose a display not on 1 screen, but on a multi-page landing.

It is necessary to guide the user through all the stages: awareness - interest - desire - action. And the correct flow of information in this case will help to go through all these points and lead to the main goal - the user's trust. Trust = increased conversion.

Block 1

The first screen should grab all the attention of the user from the first seconds, he should see the benefit for himself and be interested in moving from one block to another, warming up his interest. Unfortunately, this page doesn’t do it.

The logo does not convey the essence of what the site is talking about well enough. It would be nice to add a themed icon, maybe change the font. The heading (Teaching Children to Read&Write) is not accented and there is a better place for it on the page - in the middle. Since this is the most important offer, with the help of which users immediately classify the site and understand whether they can find the information they need here.

The mix of social media, call to action, and tutorials on how to use the site is confusing for the target audience. It is difficult for her to understand such an abundance of different content. It is worth working on the structure of the site. And also use standardized icons, since the YouTube icon on the button (Register for video updates) is misleading

An obsolete kind of language and transcription dropdown. Below is an example of a more modern drop down list.

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The site should be intuitive to the user without additional prompts.

The site categories are overloaded and require a different order and layout. When you hover over the “Sue Lloyd” dropdown, 4 steps of the video open - this is not quite the expected information. The site visitor expects to see information about the teacher himself, his education, achievements, publications, and so on.

Also, the first three categories must be combined into one and divided into subcategories already inside the list. Example (https://www.udemy.com/) Sites with a large number of subsections resort to similar solutions.

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There is no font balance, it is worth working with typesetting. The current color scheme is nice, but it is worth adding an accent color.

Serif fonts are well suited to the theme of the resource, the only thing is that they are slightly worse readable, so it might be advisable to pick up a few more font pairs to replace it.

A large video on the main screen is not the best solution. The user is not immediately ready to spend time watching the video. You need to interest him, and then go into details. During the first six seconds of being on the page, he already makes a decision to stay on the site or leave. You must not miss this moment.

An introductory video would look good on the About Sue Lloyd page, but this page would be better to show the actual learning process.

The lack of CTA, information blocks, reviews, photos and videos from the learning process does not allow the site client to linger on the site to make a decision and further retention.